Tis the season for turkey, traditions, and most importantly, thanks – Thanks for the time spent with family and friends, thanks for health and happiness, thanks for a wonderful staff and great residents, and thanks for selfless volunteers who have shared hundreds of hours at Friends House. Finally, we’re thankful for you: our loyal supporters.


Friends Helping Friends.

Friends House was first established with the intention of providing affordable homes and health care options for low- to moderate-income seniors. For more than 55 years, we’ve tirelessly worked to create a modestly-priced, inclusive community. While we offer a variety of living and care options for every budget, occasionally residents still need a little help from friends.

With the support of amazing people like you, Friends House has been able to make a difference for many seniors who live here. Sometimes savings and pensions fall short of the costs of care, which is why the donations we receive are so important to us. The costs with which residents occasionally need help are crucial to their health and quality of life, but many of these charges are not covered by insurance or government assistance. In the past year alone, Friends House has provided more than a million dollars in otherwise uncompensated care and services. We hope no one at Friends House will ever need to consider doing without the services they need to enjoy life in this community.

“When our residents need a little financial support, your contributions help us go above and beyond,” says Anne Derby, Director of Development. “We’re passionate about helping our residents live their happiest, healthiest golden years, regardless of their financial situation. They’ve earned this peace of mind.”

Some of our residents, such as those living in the Haviland assisted living neighborhood, are ineligible to receive any government assistance to pay for their care. Even for those who want to pay their way, their funding may not be enough. According to our recent records, an estimated $130 per day per person is required to support our Stabler and Thomas nursing care neighborhoods, even after those who qualify to receive government assistance. Additionally, federal and state funding often doesn’t cover some things that are essential to maintaining quality of life, such as hearing aids, dentures, and prescription eyeglasses.


What Friends Accomplished in 2022.

Over the past year, your support has helped make a world of difference. While we’re excited to look ahead at all the potential 2023 has to offer, we are extremely grateful for what we received this year and feel it is important to share what wonderful things we were able to accomplish as a result of your help. Donations made to Friends House can be applied to several different areas, but the three funds that make the biggest difference are the Residents Assistance Fund, the Transportation Fund, and the Unrestricted Fund.


Life Sustaining Gifts – Resident Assistance Fund.

The Resident Assistance Fund is used to provide support for items like medical bills not covered by insurance, unforeseen dental bills, food security, and replacement and acquisition of devices needed to enhance the quality of life for those on subsidized care – dentures, hearing aids, and prescription eyeglasses. In 2022, your support helped provide food security for more than 120 people and 31 months of housing security. This year, help us do more!


Moving Forward – The Transportation Fund.

In addition to general resident assistance, donations are also accepted to support safe transportation on and beyond our campus. Over the past year, we were able to procure a passenger van to help transport residents to doctor’s appointments, and a utility van that allows our housekeeping teams to travel to residents’ homes across campus. Your help keeps the wheels in motion!


Stepping Forward – The Unrestricted Fund.

Finally, one last fund made a huge difference this year: The Unrestricted Fund. These contributions are set aside for unexpected demands and opportunities beyond the scope of the other funds. The flexibility of this fund allows us to build a strong reserve that can be allocated wherever it is needed most. On top of what we receive this year, a generous donor has agreed to match up to $10,000 to help double the value of your unrestricted gifts.


This Holiday Season, Consider Giving to Friends.

With the holiday season quickly approaching and Giving Tuesday just around the corner, we kindly ask that you please consider making an end-of-year gift to Friends House Retirement Community. No matter the amount, every penny is greatly appreciated and used to better the lives of your friends living here at Friends House.

Your tax-deductible gift can be made via cash, check, or easily paid online at We are also able to accept gifts of appreciated securities and 401k disbursements.  Friends House also offers Planned Giving programs, for more information please call Anne Derby at 301-924-7510 or email at

Contact us today to learn more about our goals for 2023 and to discuss how your contributions make a difference in the lives of friends.



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