Seniors Experience Specialty Care & Support at Our Health Center

The Friends House Health Center offers compassionate services and support to older adults in the community, seeking to honor the dignity and intrinsic worth of each individual in nursing care. Providing 82 beds for seniors in need of Skilled Nursing or Rehabilitation, our patients benefit from 24-hour nursing services, a full-time dietitian, medical and mental health consulting services and a partnership with Medstar Montgomery Physicians Group – residents and seniors enrolled with us have access to our beautiful acreage, campus amenities and special services like home safety evaluations.

With our comprehensive continuum of care, rehabilitative therapies, and at-home support services, Friends House provides seniors a true opportunity to age gracefully in place.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Redefines Care at Friends House

At Stabler Hall in the Friends House Health Center, residents have access to Short-Term Rehabilitation therapies, including physical, occupational and speech therapies. Stabler Hall provides around-the-clock therapeutic services and medical care in the comfort of a non-hospital setting. Residents of Friends House can rest easy knowing that in the immediate aftermath of an illness, injury or surgery, they can heal and recuperate in their own neighborhood with their friends and favorite amenities nearby.

Our goal at the Friends House Health Center is to help seniors make their best possible recovery from injury or illness so they can get back to the easy, peaceful life they love and to the family members and community who love them. Through comprehensive treatment from a multidisciplinary team of senior care professionals, we restore a resident’s highest level of function as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Home Care Enables Assistance From the Comfort of Your Home at Friends House

Friends House partners with several Home Care providers that specialize in home care, flex care, end-of-life services and more. Home Care delivers highly trained, trustworthy and compassionate caregivers who assist seniors with Activities of Daily Life (ADLs) – such as bathing and dressing, grocery shopping, housekeeping, laundry, incontinence care, meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation to appointments and more.

Most of all, Home Care provides much-needed companionship for seniors who may be isolated at times. Research tells us that social connections are vital to good physical and mental health. Caring at-home caregivers can be that vital extra visit or call or can help with daily tasks and enable a continuing rich social life in the community.

Supportive Care

Friends House offers other on-campus assistive lifestyles and programs as well, such as Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing services.

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