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As the holiday season unfolds, there’s an opportunity for all of us to celebrate in an eco-friendly way. Explore these tips and ideas that align with the essence of sustainability, making your festive season not only joyful but also gentle on the planet.


Eco-Friendly Decorations

Move away from traditional, often non-environmentally friendly, holiday adornments. Consider crafting your decorations from recycled materials, giving your home a warm and festive ambiance with a minimal ecological footprint.



Sustainable Gift-Giving

Rethink your gift choices by focusing on sustainability and meaning. Opt for presents that contribute positively to the environment, such as native plant seeds or organizing workshops for creating cherished photo albums. These gifts not only express thoughtfulness but also leave a positive impact.


Festive Feasts with a Conscience

Make your holiday dinners a celebration of environmental consciousness. Prioritize locally sourced produce, minimize food waste, and incorporate vegetarian options. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also adds a touch of sustainability to your festive feasts.


Mindful Statistics for a Green Holiday Season:

  • Americans generate 25% more trash during the holiday season, amounting to 25 million tons of trash.
  • 28% of Americans consider environmental impact when purchasing holiday gifts, reflecting a growing trend towards sustainability.
  • Choosing LED lights for decorations uses up to 80% less energy and lasts ten times longer than traditional bulbs.

[Source: Stanford University, 2023 and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2023]


Friends House Sustainable Practices:

At Friends House Retirement Community, sustainable living goes beyond the holiday season. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices includes community gardening, where residents cultivate vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We take pride in our composting efforts, converting organic waste into nutrient-rich soil for our gardens. Additionally, our recycling initiatives are a core part of our sustainable ethos, promoting responsible waste management within our community.

This holiday season, embrace the beauty of sustainability with these tips. Let your celebrations not only spread joy to your loved ones but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Celebrate the holidays with cheer and a commitment to our planet. Explore sustainable living beyond the festivities.


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