Bob Schleichert


Bob Schleichert: A Life Shaped by Craftsmanship

At Friends House, we celebrate the diverse talents and passions of our residents. This month, we are thrilled to feature Bob Schleichert, a remarkable individual whose journey highlights a lifelong dedication to working with his hands.


Bob’s background is as varied as it is impressive. After high school, he served in the Marine Corps and then managed a horse farm and honed his carpentry skills. Bob slowly evolved into a master carpenter, creating everything from horse stalls to beautifully crafted furniture. Throughout his life, Bob has worked with his hands, finding immense satisfaction and fulfillment in the tangible results of his labor.


“I’ve been doing carpentry for 40 years and, in the last 20, I’ve also become a licensed massage therapy practitioner and teacher,” Bob says. His transition from building horse barns and residential projects to more intricate tasks like crown molding and cabinetry exemplifies his dedication to mastering his craft. Along the way, he even ran his own home remodeling business, tackling projects like kitchen renovations and room additions.


Bob’s woodworking style has favored traditional, straightforward designs and classic joinery techniques like mortise-and-tenon and dovetail joints. “I had a very well-equipped shop with excellent tools,” he recalls. Bob sold some of his woodworking creations and enjoyed teaching several friends these skills as well.

woodwork by Bob woodwork by Bob


One of his favorite aspects of woodworking is the immediate gratification it offers. “When you’re turning a bowl or a candlestick, you’re done with it once the lathe has stopped,” Bob explains. The process, from cleaning and squaring lumber to the final oiling, brings him great joy.


Bob’s journey to Friends House was driven by a need for a supportive community where he and his wife could continue their active and healthy lifestyles. “We looked at several places, but Friends House felt like the right fit,” Bob says. Though it meant leaving behind his heavy tools and workshop, the couple found a new home where they could thrive. Bob’s wife participates in community art projects, development and advancement efforts, and gardening, while Bob is actively involved in helping to transform a former maintenance shop into a woodworking space at Friends House.


Bob’s advice for aspiring woodworkers is practical and grounded in his extensive experience: “Invest in quality tools and decide if you want to pursue woodworking as a hobby or a source of income. Safety is paramount, so take classes and observe good practices,” he advises.


At Friends House, Bob continues to embody the spirit of lifelong learning and craftsmanship. His story is a testament to the fulfilling life one can lead in a senior living community, where passions are nurtured, and new opportunities are embraced. We are grateful to have Bob as part of our community, and we look forward to seeing the beautiful creations he will continue to make.


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