Friends House residents gathering at the cauldron


As the sun-soaked days of summer give way to less humid and cooler days, residents of Friends House are eager to exercise and socialize outdoors, even while the sun is high. The shade offered by forest paths is still welcome, and benches beside the pond invite strollers to stop for quiet reflection and a chat. Birdsong is more noticeable now, and the crickets are loud. We expect summer’s hummingbirds to leave our gardens soon, and only a few geese still share the campus.


Enjoying Friends on Foot and in the Open Air

The lush greens of a Maryland summer still dominate our views. Trees and shrubs are refreshed by the return of rain showers after a dry summer. Residents join with friends and partners to take regular walks “around the loop” – it’s about a mile long – observing changes in both cultivated and wild spaces, sometimes discovering precious native plants in the woods. It’s easier and much pleasanter, now, to work in the collective garden, refreshed by a cooling breeze and looking forward to sharing a bouquet.

Pets notice the change of seasons too. As September advances, residents can take longer walks with their dogs, morning or afternoon, giving them chances to appreciate the damp aromas of autumn earth and get acquainted with some newcomer dogs who have moved here this summer. Our four-legged friends have to be patient, though, as the residents find much to talk about when encountering other owners out with their pets.


Prioritizing Wellness

As residents stretch their legs and appreciate nature outdoors in September’s improved weather, they are grateful for the resumption of the many wellness activities run by volunteers after a summer break.  Qigong classes, bone builders, yoga, and nature walks offer residents opportunities to rejuvenate their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Enjoying these forms of self-cultivation together only deepens their sense of community. They encourage each other to reconnect with neighbors and friends while they challenge themselves individually to move and explore.


Savoring Seasonal Delights

Late Summer in Maryland is a time to savor the freshness of sweet corn and tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant.  Environmentally-conscious Sandy Spring farmers bring Friends House the fruits of their gardens, and our dining room serves up a variety of seasonal specialties. Now that neighborhood groups can meet outdoors in comfort again, we can even contemplate having campfires in our cauldron and making s’mores for dessert.  


We cordially invite you to join us in embracing the ambiance that September brings to Friends House Retirement Community – a time to reconnect with nature, prioritize well-being, and find joy in the arrival of autumn. To schedule a personal tour, please email Anthony Cinotti at


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