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Navigating Retirement: Expert Advice and Resources at Friends House

Qi Gong
As the fresh blooms of spring begin to emerge, we sense a time of renewal and rejuvenation. This season, Friends House Retirement Community embraces the spirit of spring by enhancing health and spirituality in our wellness programs. Join us in exploring how these programs not only cater to physical health […]
Friends Socializing
In 2024, social isolation remains a significant concern for older adults across the United States. With profound impacts on health and well-being, addressing this issue is crucial. Friends House Retirement Community, rooted in Quaker values, is dedicated to fostering a vibrant, inclusive environment that combats the challenges of social isolation. […]
Heart Health
February’s designation as Heart Health Month offers a timely reminder of the critical role cardiovascular wellness plays in our overall quality of life. At Friends House Retirement Community, we understand that achieving optimal heart health extends beyond the confines of traditional medicine, embracing a holistic approach that integrates physical activity, […]

Resident Stories
Voices of Experience: Stories Shared by Friends House Residents

Reflections by two Friends House residents, one in Assisted Living and one in Independent Living. When we look out the windows from Haviland Hall-assisted living, we see some interesting trees.  One of them is a large Japanese maple, its leaves now turning orange and red. Looming over it, still green […]
Many who live at Friends House are seasoned travelers, at home in foreign capitals, tropical paradises, and America’s national parks alike.  We love to share memories of youthful adventures even as we plan for our next trip or vacation. With aging, though, our traveling is more cautious.  We shop for […]
Marilyn with her Dog
Fifty-three years ago, a small group from my church gave a reading at Friends House Retirement Community of Bernard Shaw’s “Don Juan In Hell.” The audience was very appreciative and came up to talk with us afterward. I couldn’t get over how engaged they were and decided right then that […]

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